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About us

Miglio has been operating since 1971 in the progressive die construction, stamping and sheet metal processing sector, providing turnkey solutions for customised products.

Miglio is focused on the customer, people and the environment.

Our customer approach is based on relationships and the continuous exchange of information, which allows us to offer a precise and “tailor-made” service based on specific needs. Therefore, solid and trusting relationships are established with the customer, which make Miglio not just a simple supplier, rather a strategic partner.

Another of Miglio’s founding principles is attention to the environment in all phases of work, from the pursuit of the most innovative solutions for machinery dedicated to production to company and plant management.

Our strength, in addition to the high technical skills of our personnel and our instrumental equipment, is largely thanks to the people who collaborate in the company and in whom we continuously invest in order to organise a satisfying and engaging work environment. A note of interest: the staff turnover within the company is very low, if not almost non-existent.

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Company Mission

Miglio designs solid engineering solutions, through constant interaction and discussions with the customer, in order to create products that satisfy even the most complex needs, thanks to a production process carried out entirely within the company.

What we offer

  • Die design: 3D software, Cad-Cam, prototyping;
  • Die construction;
  • Die maintenance: dedicated internal tooling.

Come lavoriamo

Our history

First purchase of WEDM
Transfer of production site
ISO 9001 certification
First servo press purchase
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